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A modern take on the classic tank arena genre. Influenced by beloved classics like StarFox 64, and sprinkled with some Moba gameplay elements. Bandits is truly a fresh approach to coop adventure games.

Bandits is set to release on for PC and Consoles.

  • Play with any of the 8 awesome characters!

  • Each character has their own play-style and abilities!

  • Bandits has fully destructible environments!

  • All game modes playable Standalone or Online.

  • Game modes are "The Adventure", and "The Battle Arena".


A cult has risen and threatens to taken over the world! It’s up to The Bandits to fight their way into enemy territory and take down their operation.

  • Coop Story Mode for 1-4 Players.

  • As long as at least one character is still standing, you can still succeed!

  • If a character loses its tank, a different character can jump in at a checkpoint.

  • Fallen characters need to take a mission off to repair their tank.


  • PvP, 2-4 players.

  • Play in Teams or Free-For-All

  • 12 arenas to test your metal!

  • Fight for points or the last one standing!